Future Peace

If we are going to reimagine a future of peace, we have to ask ourselves some deep and absolutely uncomfortable questions. We must question some truths that we have come to believe and uphold about the nation state and the role of the armed forces. The three videos below are seriously worth watching.

New Blog

I’ve just launched a new blog http://www.reimagininghealth.com

My great friend, Martin Scott, helped me to put it together. If you want a blog and need some help designing it – I would hugely recommend his help – details are on the bottom of my new blog, so check it out.

Today’s blog is entitled: How healthy are you?

I will continue blogging on this site also, but health related stuff will now be on the new blog!

Kenarchy – New Hope for the Political Left

Michael Sheen wrote a brilliant article in the New Statesman this last week (https://t.co/64vmmjC0if), asking some serious questions of the Labour Party. Here is my personal view about where new hope can be found for the political left (not that labour necessarily represent that anymore…..)