Hope for Europe

Here is a little song I wrote about my hope for Europe. For me, it encompasses the politics of love and what the priorities of such a politics would involve. I believe there is a people movement rising across Europe right now that carries with it the majority of people. It is the minority who hold Europe into it’s story of the past, but a sound is rising of a reimagined future for this beautiful continent.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh Europe you’re a land of reconciliation
A place where peace is found around the cross of Christ
A hell where hatred is forgiven for each other
A land where enemies can learn to truly love

You’ll be a place where women really are instated
A land where children find their safety and their joy
A place where prisoners are freed and find new grace again
A welcome for the foreigner to find their home

You’ll be a place of healing hope for all the nations
A land of economic justice for the poor
You’ll be a place where peace abounds and hope discovered
A place where life is poured out as a gift of love

In talking about the ‘cross of Christ’ I am not making a religious statement, but a political one. Hope is found in the emptying out of power in place of self-preservation and in life giving love in place of hate……..