Kenarchy – New Hope for the Political Left

Michael Sheen wrote a brilliant article in the New Statesman this last week (, asking some serious questions of the Labour Party. Here is my personal view about where new hope can be found for the political left (not that labour necessarily represent that anymore…..)

4 thoughts on “Kenarchy – New Hope for the Political Left

  1. “At the time of writing, there’s a handful of Labour leadership candidates essentially trying to be everything to everyone. Aspiring to be aspirational to the aspirants who aspire towards aspiration.”
    Brilliant article – although the central point, that the Labour party hopefuls should have some actual principles rather than a focus-grouped hodge-podge of populist wishes is depressingly obvious. Why can’t they see that?

    • I could not agree more. Look at what Podemos have done in Spain…. I’m not really for one political movement or another per se but they really have captured the imagination of a nation…. Imagination is what is distinctly lacking in the UK right now. We’re either too fatigued, too lazy or too busy to find the space for any…..

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thank you I understand what you are saying, it brings me Hope and courage you are a man of integrity and I am honoured to call you friend.

    In the mess we humans have made in all areas of life we can be open and honest, when I look and listen to Jesus , I receive from a Man who knows the very bones of me understanding conviction choice and compassion

    Truth and Grace and an invitation to follow Him to be in this world but not of it……..

    Forgive my clumsiness I do struggle to put in to words the vision of hope He gave me The valley the soup the water ….. I know a place where all who are thirsty can come without money without price no agendas no manipulation a radical alternative .

    As much as I know, I believe My Father in Heaven has put this desire burning in my bones I will no longer procrastinate I have repented and will seek with all my heart the radical answer Jesus is to mankind

    Love Catherine x

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