Talking Health and Wellbeing with the Rising Generation

I had the privilege of facilitating a conversation in our local high school with a bunch of students of differing ages and backgrounds. The head teacher at Carnforth High is an amazing person and her vision and holistic view of education is inspirational – it was a real privilege to spend some time at Carnforth High. The two main questions: “What does it mean to be healthy? And what would this school/town be like if it was healthy?”

We then had a further discussion about how we might make those dreams a reality and they also helped me understand more about what they perceive some of the barriers to be (nearly all systemic). It was really stimulating to be part of it and gives me lots of things to report back to our Health and Wellbeing Board. Here are some of my thoughts/reflections immediately following it (I was quite excited…..)!

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