What’s the alternative to meeting ISIS violence with violence?

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All three mainstream political parties have agreed to a 3rd Iraq war.
Once again the assumption that the greater the violence and brutality of the enemy, the greater the justification for a violent response, rules the day. But if violence breeds violence, then this response will only breed a greater violence. Nevertheless, the “peace through sovereign power” model that has ruled the day throughout Western history and beyond has no other answer to give.

So what is the alternative?
If kenotic, life-laying-down, enemy love is a genuine source of political power, then it does apply in situations of extreme violence and brutality such as those inflicted by IS.
There are seven strategic components:
1) the infinite demand of love
Simon Critchley presents this inescapable motivation to love that extends beyond confessional limits in his book The Faith of the Faithless http://www.versobooks.com/books/1044-the-faith-of-the-faithless. Disciples of Jesus get this, or frankly they are…

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1 thought on “What’s the alternative to meeting ISIS violence with violence?

  1. I fear Western countries in their rush to be right and police the planet are being used as patsies by the regional Islamic powers who cannot take a lead in the war lest their own populations rise against them.
    I hope to be wrong…..

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