Prayers of My Kids

As a family, we pray. We pray together at breakfast and again at bedtime. I love listening to my kids pray and to hear the things that they feel are important to pray about.

Our 4 year old likes to do ‘listening prayer’. She then prays nearly every night for Ethiopia, Somalia and Japan. She prays very simply for enough food and drink, for no more earthquakes and for fighting to stop.

Our 6 year old prays for Canada – that the primeminister would care more
about the future of the planet than about money and he would stop the tarsands project. He prays for Brasil that the rain forests would stop being cleared and he prays for the DRC, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Palestine and Israel, that fighting would stop and no matter what people believe, they would be free and safe.
Our youngest, no matter what is prayed always adds a hearty AMEN!


I don’t know why they have chosen these countries or why they choose to pray with such consistency. There is some pretty complex stuff going on in all these places, but they pray with a simple faith that Jesus can change our hearts if we let him and with a love that always hopes, always trusts and always perseveres. They know that God is not about killing or hate, starvation or greed, but rather he charged us with loving him, each other and caring for the earth. I hope our generation can find the love, peace and care that they pray for, which will allow us to find a new way of living for the sake of our and their generation. I hope when I grow up I can have a faith like theirs….

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